Explorations in Video, Design and Creative Direction



1 — Pan
2 — Highlow
3 — Solo Para Mi
4 — Fuggiamo + Lunes
5 — Hypebae 
6 — Porsuarte
7 — Puno 

A — Alphabet
B — Type Specimen
C — Joy


I’m Hanna and I’m a videographer and designer based in Los Angeles, California. My work is quite diverse, as most things in my life are, and I enjoy indulging in my curiosities. I believe creativity should be accessible (don’t be fooled — most of my photos are taken on a point and shoot camera that was $40) as well as creating opportunities that do not “traditionally” exist yet. Formulas are over. What’s stopping you?

Currently: Curating a Video Editing Course with ilovecreatives

Studying at Otis College of Art and Design (GD)

For inquiries, commissions and collaborations contact:

︎︎︎ @shleepyhans