Currently building courses with ilovecreatives.
Previously worked with The New Company. Collaborated with brands such as BFGF, New Balance, and Street Dreams Co.

Youtube: Shleepy Studio
Instagram: Shleepyhans


Hanna La Salvia is a graphic designer with an emphasis on type, publication design, and videography. Raised between Seattle & South Florida and currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Graduated from Otis College of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design in Spring of 2022.

Currently working with ilovecreatives. Previously worked with The New Company. Collaborated with brands such as BFGF, New Balance, Avaline, and Haus.  

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Dual Tone

Publication Design 


4.75 x 8.5”
114 pages

Dual Tone explores the coincidental and unique linguistic similarities between the Japanese and Spanish language. On a personal level, this book cherishes my parent's experience of communicating with one another as two people with different native tounges. But on a broader scope, this is an experience unique to someone who understands the intricacies of how a bi-lingual person thinks, which I've never been able to put into words.

Bilingual Babes

Lyric Poster


Bi-lingual Babes is a playlist that features 12 Bi-lingual tracks between Japanese, Spanish and English. This playlist was made to celebrate the intimate understanding of seamlessly switching between two or more languages through music. This playlist comes with a foldable lyric poster, vinyl sleeve and website.

Video Creator Course

Curriculum Production


The Video Creator Course was made in collaboration with ilovecreatives and Rachel Nguyen to help students develop video ideas, learn to edit with Adobe Premier Pro, and get the nitty gritty on freelancing as a video creator / editor. My role in this course spanned from building out the curriculum alongside Rachel and Puno, building out the Creative Process Workbook, editing the course videos, editing ads and trailers, and teaching in the freelance portion of the course. 

Flores de Papel



Featuring Daniela Barbos and Susana Calendaria

A short film celebrating the support and friendship of two brands, Fuggiamo and Lunes Vintage, as they come together in this collaboration. This project will always hold a special place in my heart.