Hanna La Salvia
(Personal) Experiments


Hanna La Salvia


Flores de Papel

Flores de Papel is a short film celebrating the support and friendship of two brands, Fuggiamo and Lunes vintage, as they come together in this collaboration. This project will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Directed and shot by Hanna La Salvia
Styled by Jackie Sun and Daniela Barbosa
Starring Susana Calendaria and Daniela Barbosa

Highlow Jewelery
Photography, Videography

Cuando Caliente el Sol is a campaign created for Highlow Jewelry. This series is inspired by warm Summer picnics and aperetif enjoyed with friends. 
Shot and direted by Hanna La Salvia
Styled by Hanna La Salvia and Susana Calendaria
Starring Susana Calendaria and Evania Zhang 
Special thank you to Jackie from Fuggiamo

Videography, Direction
Pan, a self-initiated project that explores my own double identity shared through the my personal experiences. The film explores the balance of two cultures as well as the frustrations, the beauty, and the humor in the overall experience.

Shot fully on 16mm film

Directed by Hanna La Salvia
Shot by Cristopher Gonzalez and Hanna La Salvia
Special thank you to the New Company team and Aimee Hoffman for mentoring me during this process and my fellow intern friends.

Solo Para Mi
Videography, Direction
Shot and produced by Hanna La Salvia
Featuring Jose Hernandez
Makeup by Susana Calendaria
Styled by Sondra Choi
Special thank you to David Lopez for location

Videography and Direction
Slow Living with BFGF is short film / diary entry centered around my thoughts during the thick of quarantine. Through coping with anxiety and fear of leaving my physical home, I began to lose trust in my own body and never felt safe within it. This project was a reminder to myself that the most sacred relationship to home is the one you build in yourself. 

Shot and Edited by Hanna La Salvia
Assistant Videographer: Cristopher Gonzalez

This video was in collaboration with sweet Lil from BFGF. Thank you for trusting me.

Welcome to my small paradise.