Name: Hanna La Salvia (Ozaki)
Current: Freelance Photo + Videographer
Sometimes: Floral bb and teacher
Love: swimming in the ocean,
well-kept gardens, laying in fields.
Personal goal: Shooting on film (video)
Other goal: Finding the best vegan pho in LA (help)

Mini resume: 
Video editor for Puno Puno
Former floral designer at Wildflora
Former writer and illustrator for Local Wolves
Former photography assistant for Sisilia Piring


Ikebana inspired Floral Workshop

April 28th, 2019
Sabbatical Studio
Los Angeles

Make new friends, chillll out, be cute, and learn
how to make unique and Ikebana-inspired arrangements!

Class includes:
  • Information on how to arrange and maintain
  • A wide Variety of seasonal flowers (yours to keep)
  • Floral snips (yours to keep)
  • Kenzan tool (yours to keep)
  • Low bowl vase (yours to keep)
  • Light refreshments

Sold Out

Class taught by Hanna La Salvia.
More information on meeting location and other
information will be sent via email after enrollment. 

Enrollment closes: April 20th